Truckee Tahoe Gravel
June 29, 2024

Race your gravel bike in Truckee, California

Best suited for a GRAVEL bike or a hardtail mountain bike. Recommended Tire: Panaracer Gravel King Tubeless, 40mm or larger.

This event is a competitive gravel/dirt event with awards for top 3 riders in various age and gender groups. Mixed-terrain gravel bikes are the best choice for this race.

Some extra notes about the route so you know what to expect out there and can prepare for the day.

Bike Selection

The optimal bike choice in our opinion is going to be a  gravel bike with 38c or bigger tires, or a mountain bike hardtail.

Like any good, challenging gravel course, there is no single bike that will be best suited for the entire route. Bike strategy will be at play in the race. Some sections will benefit a mountain bike, while most will benefit a gravel bike. Rule of thumb: if your plan is to hammer and go as fast as possible, ride a gravel bike with 38c tires. If your plan is maximum fun, enjoy the ride and rally the downhills, pull out a fast and light mountain bike. 

* Pedal assist e-bikes are allowed on course BUT are not allowed to place in results....anyone caught drafting off one will be ridiculed....so don't be that person!


Traditional overall scoring is captured at the dirt/gravel event.

The clock stops at the finish line, back at the festival.

The top three men and top three women for the day will be recognized in various age groupings in addition to the overall top 5 men and women* (U20, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59 and 60+) for the long and medium courses.

* Age categories are subject to change. Participants placing in the top 5 overall are removed from age rankings. This makes room for additional competitors to place in their respective categories.


Park along Soaring Way and follow the signs to the Event Venue. Please park off the road and make sure to follow any existing parking rules (check signage). There will be NO parking at Riverview Sports Park on Saturday.