Rules of the Road

Truckee Fondo requires that you obey all California State traffic laws. In particular, this means you must stop at every stop sign and yield the right of way to traffic as required by law, unless instructed by traffic control personnel. The same goes for the center line; stay on the right side of it, unless instructed otherwise by traffic control personnel. If you are seen breaking these rules or otherwise causing unsafe riding conditions for yourself or those around you, you will be disqualified and barred from participating in future Bike Monkey events.

Time Cuts

The event has time cutoffs at specified locations on-course. Regardless of the route for which you registered, at specified times throughout the day certain areas of the courses will close. You will be informed of this closure and required to take the shortest designated route to reach the finish line. This may mean that you do not complete the distance that you had hoped to complete, but this requirement is in place for your safety. If you do not obey the cutoffs, you will have left the event and will no longer be participating under the auspices of the Truckee Fondo support infrastructure, including traffic control and dedicated emergency response.


Rider scoring is conducted with RFID timing tags that are fixed to plastic number plates. You must mount these on your bike properly in order for your times to be recorded. We are not responsible for lost, stolen, tampered or damaged timing tags. If you finish in the gravel edition in the top 3 of your category/gender, you will be awarded during a podium presentation at the end of the day.

Riding Etiquette and Safety

Nothing tops our list of event priorities ahead of rider safety. Most of our event production is centered around it. While we hope that your time on your bike has cemented a respectful attitude towards other cyclists and road users, as well as a healthy dose of prudence, sometimes it's good to line out a few simple reminders.

Consider the following, nice, neat, and short:

  • Wear a helmet. It's not an option. Consider one that was made in the last few years. They work better than the spider web farm you've had in your garage.
  • Keep your bike in working order. When you pop a tire, drop a chain, strip a crank arm, or reach for brakes with worn pads you'll definitely tank your day and very possibly several others that you took out on your way down.
  • Ride within your ability. Don't let your excitement overshadow your judgement. Don't treat these roads like you're aware of every square inch just because you're having a decent day on the bike. There will be surprises.

  • Don't litter. Your gel packs are yours to keep, not to adorn the byways of the Golden State. Your mom can volunteer with us, but she's not here to clean up after you.
  • If in doubt, go with the classic: Don't Be A Dick.

  • Have fun. Remember, it's why we're here.

Should you be found lacking in these areas, sufficient enough to present a danger to yourself or others, our event staff will move swiftly to disqualify you and possibly bar you from entry in future Bike Monkey events. Be nice out there.

Refunds / Transfers

Refunds are not offered for any of the events. Transfers to another participant are available for a fee should you become unable to attend. Transfers open four weeks prior to each event.